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Natural Stress Solutions Pure CBD Pet Capsules

Natural Stress Solutions Pure CBD Pet Capsules

Take good care of your pets. Make sure their health is in the best state. Choose Pure CBD Pet Capsules, the completely natural, 100% non-toxic medicine to help your beloved animals cope with such severe conditions as arthritis, chronic inflammation, lack of appetite. Additionally, this is a great solution for reducing the amount of anxiety your pet experiences in stressful situations, like traveling or visiting a doctor. Pure CBD Pet Capsules contain only 100% ingredients, such as pure CBD isolate combined with organic BCAAs, all covered in safe non-toxic capsules. Not only do these capsules fight the anxiety and inflammation with CBD, but also they improve the health of your pet by giving them more strength with the help of amino acids. Prue CBD Pet Capsules contain 0% THC, which means none of our CBD products will get your furry family member high.

Pure CBD Pet Capsules contains 30 capsules per bottle.


Product Information

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Seizures, shakes, anxiety (great for car rides and traveling!), pain reliever, relaxant, and more.



How to take

Give 1-2 capsules by mouth for desired effect.


Side effects

In high doses CBD can cause drowsiness in animals as well as a couple of rare side-effects with mild vomiting and itchiness.



Due to the lack of research on the CBD safety for pregnant or breastfeeding animals, it may be reasonable to stay on the safe side and avoid use.


Drug interactions

The product does not interfere with pets’ daily supplements and animal feed. You can give your pet Prue CBD Pet Capsules along with their vitamin regime.


Missed dose

There is no fixed dosage, so you can give Prue CBD Pet Capsules when needed.



The capsules must be stored at room temperature away from moisture, heat and direct sunlight.



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